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Dryer vent cleaning Orange County is critical due to the older structures and the way that they were built. Newer structures usually have the exhaust vents close to the dryers with shorter tubes. Older structures with the laundry room that is not on the main floor or does not have easy access to an area to vent the dryers must run a longer vent to get rid of the lint and debris. This can create a very hazardous environment when introduced to the heat and possible sparks that occur during the drying process. It is critical that this area be annually inspected and cleaned to prevent this tragedy from happening to you. The Lint Man can handle your needs for dryer vent cleaning Orange County. You can watch for some of the warning signs that you might be at risk from this hazard. If you smell smoke while running your dryer. If you dryer cycle ends before the clothes or dry.  Go outside and make sure that the flap opens for the dryer vent exhaust.  Also, if you notice more dust than usual in the laundry room or clothes are taking more than 40 minutes to dry.  These are all warning signs that you might have problems and you need to call Clean Air Texas.Clean Air Texas has been keeping families safe from fires by cleaning dryer vents for over 29 years. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you. We will take care of your dryer vent cleaning needs.